This endpoint allows you to retrieve recurring payments that occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly from transactions. The endpoint returns the transaction date, amount, the name of the service that the service subscribed to (e.g. Netflix), the subscription duration (i.e. yearly or monthly subscription), etc.



The expired subscriptions represent subscriptions with due dates that are no longer valid. while the non_expired ones are subscriptions with due dates that haven't expired.




AppIdstringyou would need to create an app to get your app ID
Authorizationstringpublic secret key e.g prod_sk_1T1eSavlZxy02OT3OWlvbxK4G

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Description
account_id * string account ID gotten from the widget required
start_date string the start date of transaction you want to get optional
end_date string the end date of transaction you want to get optional
status string Subscription that is either expired or not_expired optional

Response Sample

  "entity": {
    "subscriptions": [
        "id": 2344,
        "transaction_date": "2020-08-27",
        "value_date": "2020-08-27",
        "tran_type": "debit",
        "bank_name": "Guaranty Trust Bank",
        "amount": "20000.00",
        "reference": "0",
        "narration": "NIBSS Instant Payment Outward 000013200827095534000141716971 Toba TO UBA/TOBA S OWOLABI /26.875/REF:000013200827095534000141716971",
        "service": "mimi's confectionery",
        "is_subscription": true,
        "duration": "Monthly Subscription",
        "next_date": "2020-09-26"
    "Total": 1,
    "previous_page": "",
    "next_page": "",
    "total_pages": 1,
    "current_page": 1

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