Buy Internet Data

Purchase Internet Data from Nigerian mobile networks



  • You can find out the available data plans you can pick from when trying to buy internet data.

Purchase Data



Body Parameters

Parameters Type Description
plan * string Plan type e.g *9MOBILE_1.5GB*
destination * integer mobile number to receive data

Response Sample

    "entity": {
        "phone_number": "2348012345678",
        "amount": 200,
        "network": "MTN 200 MB DATA BUNDLE",
        "reference_id": "dj_e076726b-b136-4e18-b63d-3eabc77d56c1"

Data Plans

Fetch list of data plans available



Response Sample

    "entity": [
            "amount": 1000,
            "description": "9MOBILE 1.5GB data bundle",
            "plan": "9MOBILE_1.5GB"
            "amount": 2000,
            "description": "9MOBILE 4.5GB data bundle",
            "plan": "9MOBILE_4.5GB"

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