Get wallets details

Retrieve details of wallet created

With this endpoint, you can easily retrieve information and details of a created wallet.


This endpoint allows you to get details of a created wallet

GET Parameter



wallet_id REQUIRED


The API will do its best to find a cake matching the provided recipe.

    "entity": {
        "wallet_id": "352a14e2-25ab-448a-86ed-8e9041540599",
        "wallet_amount": 0,
        "account_number": "1000039707",
        "phone_number": "08159090922"
curl -L -X GET '{{baseUrl}}//api/v1/wallet/ngn/retrieve?wallet_id={{wallet_id}}' \
-H 'AppId: {{app_id}}' \
-H 'Authorization: {{secret_key}}'

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