Keywords Definition

Below are the list of Dojah Services keywords


A Dojah created application entails Application Unique ID which allows you to integrate with our APIs Endpoint, KYC widgets using a public key and using our tools such as Easy Lookup, Easy connect.


It is used for encrypting data and can be used by ANYONE as it is known to Application Administrators. For you to access the public keys, you must have a Dojah account, you can get one by signing up here. After the signup, you will be able to access public keys for sandbox and production environment

It is used for encrypting and decrypting sensitive data between the sender and receiver of the data.


This is a testing environment that enables you to test and evaluate program. Basically, it is a mimic of live production that allows you test and explore. You can access Dojah’s sandbox by toggling between Sandbox and Live Button


This is a live environment that enables your users to interact with in real time. Basically means that all operation of component are live. Access Dojah’s live environments with this Link


A webhook is an automated messages/data from one app to another in real time. Basically, it is a software architecture that shares data or events from one app to another. Access Dojah’s webhook with this Link