Lookup Ghana Voter ID

Lookup Ghana Voter ID

This endpoint allows you to verify a Ghana Voter ID card.




AppIdstringyou would need to create an app to get your app ID
Authorizationstringpublic secret key e.g prod_sk_1T1eSavlZxy02OT3OWlvbxK4G

Query Params

id*stringThe Voter ID numberrequired
is_new_idbooleanWhether this is a 2020 issued voter ID or the older ID. This is by default false until 1 September 2021, then it would be true by default.
full_name*stringThe full name of the document holder as it appears on the IDrequired

Response Sample

    entity: {
    		"id": "123456789",
    		"full_name": "JOHN DOE",
    		"date_of_birth": "25",
    		"gender": "M",
    		"polling_station": "C121402",
    		"registration_date": "2012-09-04",
    		"picture": "BASE64 ENCODED IMAGE",
    		"is_full_name_match": true
    "error": "Voter ID record not found"