Screening Info



Query Parameters

profileIdstringreference ID returned from the Screening API


   "entity": {
        "result": {
            "addresses": [],
            "aka": "",
            "aliases": [],
            "countryName": "Nigeria",
            "dob": "",
            "dob2": "",
            "effectiveDate": "",
            "entryCategory": "Enforcement",
            "entryDesc": "Individual",
            "firstName": "Doe",
            "govDesignation": "",
            "lastName": "John",
            "levelDesc": "N/A",
            "masterId": 0,
            "name": "Doe, John",
            "nationalId": "",
            "otherId": "",
            "passportId": "",
            "pob": "",
            "positions": "Arrested on suspicion of internet fraud - March 12, 2020.",
            "prefix": "",
            "primaryName": "",
            "relatedId": 0,
            "relationships": [],
            "remarks": "According to NG-Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC); March 12, 2020: On March 12, 2020,  Doe John and other suspects were arrested for  their alleged involvement in internet-related crimes. Raid also led to recovery of valuable items, including three exotic cars, mobile phones, laptops, and SIM cards, from the suspects.",
            "sourceName": "NG-Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)",
            "sourceWebLinks": ";;",
            "subCatDesc": "Cybercrime",
            "suffix": "",
            "touchDate": "2021-08-24T09:02:12.79",
            "watch": false
        "uuid": "22777c34-b48e-416c-87dd-6d7d6b2d725f"

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