Verify BVN with Selfie Image

Lookup and Verify Users BVN with their Selfie Image.

To ensure that your customer is who they say they are, you can allow them take a selfie photo which you can pass on to the Dojah for verification process

This helps to significantly reduce the possibility of fraud by confirming the person inputting the BVN is who they say they really are

To Verify BVN with Selfie Image;


POST Verify BVN with Selfie

POST ParameterTypeDescription
stringBase64 value of the selfie image

NB: Kindly truncate data:image/jpeg;base64, from the selfie_image object and pass only the buffer starting with /9.
stringA Valid BVN Number


NB : Confidence Values ranges from 0% to 100 %

0% - 90% denote match value is false
90% -100% denote match value is true

  "entity": {
    "bvn": "2245***7919",
    "first_name": "JOSHUA",
    "last_name": "ISAAC",
    "middle_name": "THOMPSONBROWN",
    "date_of_birth": "28-Jun-2000",
    "gender": "Male",
    "phone_number1": "0708***0116",
    "phone_number2": "",
    "selfie_verification": {
        "confidence_value": 99.81217956542969,
        "match": true