Selfie Verification vNIN

Lookup and Verify Users vNIN with their Selfie Image.

To ensure that your customer is who they say they are, you can allow them take a selfie photo which you can pass on to the Dojah for verification process

This helps to significantly reduce the possibility of fraud by confirming the person using your product is the account owner at the validated bank.

Note that; Confidence value is used to verify match and values below 80 are considered false.

  • The NIN holder can generate their virtual NIN via the NIMC Mobile App or the NIMC USSD code - _346_3_NIN_EnterpriseCode#.
  • Dojahโ€™s Enterprise code - 1138183
  • The generated VNIN is valid for only 72 hours
  • The vNIN is designed to replace the 11-digit NIN for everyday usage. It is a unique 16-character alphanumeric token comprising 12 digits, sandwiched between 4 alphabets, two on each end, with no correlation to the issuerโ€™s Raw NIN. An example of a vNIN is: AB012345678910YZ.
  • According to NIMC, The VNIN is not to be stored in any database but only used for verifying the NIN holder.

To Verify the vNIN with Selfie Image;


POST Parameters

Parameter Type Description
vnin * string A uniquely generated virtual nin required
selfie_image * string Base64 value of the selfie image required
    "entity": {
        "firstname": "John",
        "middlename": "Asake",
        "surname": "Doe",
        "userid": "WXLLUK-1011",
        "gender": "M",
        "photo": "/9j/4AA....",
        "vnin": "EE848965768582SO",
        "telephoneno": "2348012345678",
        "birthdate": "18-05-1992",
        "selfie_verification": {
            "confidence_value": 0,
            "match": false