Validate BVN

The BVN Match service allows you to verify that an account number, first name, last name and middle name of a user matches their BVN.



This endpoint returns boolean values for these optional parameters: first name, last name, and date of birth.

Kindly use this Test BVN in sandbox Environment : 22222222222



Query Parameters

Parameters Type Description
bvn * string A valid bvn required
first name string first name of bvn holder optional
last name string last name of bvn holder optional
dob string date of birth of bvn holder in yyyy-mm-dd optional

Response Sample

Successful Response

    "entity": {
        "bvn": {
            "value": "23456789012",
            "status": true
        "first_name": {
            "confidence_value": 100,
            "status": true

Failed Response

    "error": "BVN not found"